​BIGGER THAN US, ceramic, 18x9x7, $1,600.00

​The Bob Dog Series started in 1984, as my response to a nickname given to me by a friend. There is a good story attached, but we will have to get to that later.

This is, by far, the longest running body of work in my career.

​GIVE IT ONE MORE TRY, ceramic, 20x10x8, $1,600.00

ACCORDING TO OUR NEEDS, ceramic, 17x10x8, $1,700.00

LET ME TAKE MY CHANCES, ceramic, 18x10x7, $1,600.00

​NEVER BEEN THAT KIND, ceramic, 17x9x8, $1,700.00

​LET'S TALK ABOUT YOU, ceramic, 16x8x8, $1,700.00

​PROCEED WITHOUT FEAR, ceramic, 17x9x8, $1,700.00

​THOSE SUCH AS US, ceramic, 21x10x7, $1,700.00

​I'M GOING TO BE THAT ONE, ceramic, 20x10x8, $1,700.00

YOU NEVER HAD THE DISCIPLINE, ceramic, 15x8x8, $1,700.00

ON HIS OWN TERMS, ceramic, 15x9x8, $1,700.00

WILL NOT PRETEND, ceramic, 19x10x9, $1,600.00


TIRED OF THE FIGHT, ceramic, 19x9x8, $1,600.00

​CHOOSING NOT TO FIGHT, ceramic, 19x9x7, $1,600.00