NOT SO MUCH AS A PLAN, ceramic, 12x7x5, $700.00

​SCATTERED LIKE LOST WORDS, ceramic, 10x19x6, $1,000.00

​I BELIEVE I'LL MAKE IT, ceramic, 9x15x6, $1,000.00

​THE THINGS WE FEAR, ceramic, 10x6x5, $700.00

​WE HOLD OUT HOPE, ceramic, 9x18x6, $1,000.00

All of the sculpture shown here are small in size and large on impact. I have not worked in this scale since 1985, felt that it was about time to get back in touch with the little guys.

​WHEN I KNEW WHAT WAS RIGHT, ceramic, 11x6x5, $700.00

​WITHOUT REGRET, ceramic, 11x6x6, $700.00

​BETWEEN ME AND THE SUN, ceramic, 11x6x5, $700.00


​IT JUST WORKED OUT THAT WAY, ceramic, 9x16x6, $1,000.00

​WYOMING WIND PRAYER, ceramic, 13x6x6, $700.00